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This page contains items of interest on aviation safety.  You'll find my weblog where I will talk (or preach) about safety-related things, links to other aviation safety resources, and some useful downloads.

Important Notices:

Many changes affecting the Washington DC Metro Airspace have been enacted.  Click here for an FAA briefing packet on the ADIZ/FRZ/JYO Manuevering Area (including the changes making the ADIZ a Special Flight Rules Area), and the National Security Special Event (NSSE) notice for the Presidential Inauguration.  Take special note that NSSE's are subject to change - CHECK NOTAMS BEFORE EVERY FLIGHT.

FAR 91.161 requires ADIZ Training for all pilots who fly within 60 NM of the DCA VOR, effective February 9th, 2009

The ADIZ course, "Navigating the New DC ADIZ", is hosted on http://faasafety.gov.  You can register for site, and take the course there.  My guide to the whole process, including the WINGS pilot proficiency program, is available for download.

SAR agencies stop listening to 121.5 MHz ELTs effective February 9th, 2009.

If you have an aircraft accident after 02/09/2009, your 121.5 MHz ELT will NOT initiate a search and rescue mission - because the SAR agencies will no longer be using the SARSAT/COSPAS system to monitor 121.5 MHZ.  If an ATC facility or a passing aircraft happen to hear your ELT they may notify appropriate authorities, but otherwise you'll be hoping that you get reported overdue, or that you opened a VFR flight plan, or were talking to ATC to get the SAR process started.   

406 MHz ELTs (which ARE monitored and have a much higher first-response success rate) are coming down in price, with some being targeted at the $600 price point. These new ELTs are NOT required for US aircraft operating in US Domestic Airspace.

Aviation Safety Links (suggest new links via email)

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You may need Adobe Acrobat Reader or a Zipfile application to work with these files

Guide to the WINGS Program (single sided) - PDF
Guide to the WINGS Program (double sided) - PDF
WINGS Basic Phase Flight Training Syllabi (ASEL) - ZIP
WINGS Basic Phase Flight Training Syllabi (AMEL) - ZIP
WINGS Basic Phase Flight Training Syllabi (ASES) - ZIP
Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS) advisory for first responders - Windows Media
Risk Assessment Spreadsheet (in Excel format) - ZIP

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