Sample Pilot Services Agreement
for a single-engine aircraft

(Ferry/Demo/Pilot Service)

This is an agreement between <Client> and Metzinger Air Services, LLC, in which Metzinger Air Services, LLC will provide a pilot to fly <Client>'s aircraft.  <Client> remains the legal operator of the aircraft at all times.

Description of Flight Services:

[ ] Ferry aircraft from ______________ to ________________, during the period of ______________________.

[ ] Demonstrate the aircraft during the period of ___________________________.

[ ] Act as Pilot in Command or Second in Command during the period of __________________________.

Client Responsibilities:

Provide aircraft, insurance coverage and permission to fly it.

Airworthiness - Provide the aircraft in airworthy condition.  Proof of compliance with applicable inspections or ferry permit is required.  All necessary documents (Airworthiness Certificate, Registration, Operating Limitations, Weight and Balance, and any other items required by the type certificate or POH, such as avionics references) shall be provided with the aircraft.

Insurance - The client will provide proof of insurance for the aircraft, covering the Metzinger Air Services, LLC pilot by name, including a waiver of subrogation covering the ferry pilot and Metzinger Air Services, LLC.  Alternatively, Metzinger Air Services LLC will obtain short-term coverage for the hull and liability and bill the client for said cost, with a 3% service fee.  Should the Client's insurance carrier require dual instruction in the client's aircraft, the client will be responsible for all costs associated with meeting said requirement.

Flight Authorization - This agreement serves as written authorization for Metzinger Air Services to operate the Aircraft within the United States of America and  [ ]Canada, [ ]Mexico, and [ ]__________________.

Metzinger Air Services, LLC Responsibilities:

Provide safe, efficient, professional piloting services.

Pilot qualifications - The pilot will possess an FAA airman certificate with commercial pilot privileges and instrument rating appropriate for the aircraft being flown.  The pilot will possess a current FAA Class 2 medical certificate.   The pilot will comply with all FAA currency / recency of experience requirements for instrument flight and the carriage of passengers by day or night.

Flight Operations Standards - Unless the condition of the aircraft precludes it, all ferry flights will be performed under instrument flight rules, regardless of weather.  All flights will be conducted in full compliance with all applicable Part 91 regulations, and the following additional constraints:

Planned flight time limited to eight hours per day.

Actual flight time limited to ten hours per day

A standard briefing will be obtained before each cross-country flight.

Communications with customer - the Metzinger Air Services, LLC pilot will submit a daily report to the client covering the flying accomplished during that day.  Any abnormal occurrences, accidents, or incidents will be communicated to the client as soon as safely practicable.


Metzinger Air Services, LLC charges a per diem of $400.00 per 24 hour day when a flight operation is conducted during that day.   For days when no flying takes place (travel to and from the job, weather/mechanical delays, etc.) the per diem is reduced to $200.00.

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Metzinger Air Services shall be reimbursed by the client for all expenses incurred performing under this contract, with no overhead charge or service fee.  Such expenses include, but are not limited to:

ATC fees


Car Rental

Transportation to/from the place of performance



Aircraft parking/hangarage

Routine maintenance/service (pre-heating, mandatory oil change, de-icing, etc.) as required

Repairs if authorized by the client (see weather/mechanical incidents and delays).

Special charts if required for flight outside the continental United States.

Any required flight instruction to meet insurance requirements.

Weather/Mechanical Incidents and Delays

Should weather delay or "ground" a flight, the delay will be communicated to the client as soon as practicable, and a decision will be jointly made whether to terminate the operation at the current location.  Should the operation be terminated, the aircraft location becomes the effective end point of the operation and the client remains responsible for transportation expenses for the pilot to get home from that point.

Should mechanical difficulty be encountered in flight, the pilot's priorities are (in descending order of importance):

Protect the lives of people on the ground

Protect the lives of people in the aircraft

Protect the property of others on the ground

Protect the aircraft.

Every effort will be made to accomplish all four goals.  As soon as safely practicable, the client will be notified of the difficulty.

Should mechanical difficulty be encountered on the ground, the pilot will not attempt flight until appropriate repairs have been made.  The pilot will contact the client, apprise him of the issue, and the client may make the decision to have the aircraft inspected/repaired or to terminate the operation at the aircraft's current location. Should the operation be terminated, the aircraft location becomes the effective end point of the operation and the client remains responsible for transportation expenses for the pilot to get home from that point.  Should the client not be available for consultation, Metzinger Air Services, LLC is authorized to have repairs costing up to $500.00 made and to bill said expenses to the client.  Metzinger Air Services, LLC will under no circumstances pay for repairs costing more than $500.00.

Payment Terms

Expenses will be submitted upon termination of the job, and payment is expected at that time.  Payment not received within thirty days will be subject to simple interest of 2% monthly.  A $50.00 fee will be charged on any returned checks.


Agreed to this day:


_____________________                                                _______________________

Client                                                                                 Metzinger Air Services, LLC

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