My Philosophy:  MetzAir is a service company.  After safety, a satisfied customer is my top priority.  Since my company will live or die depending on my ability to build a good reputation, I focus on providing first-class service at a fair price.  Major service areas are listed below:

Pilot Service / Aircraft Ferry / Delivery:  Need your airplane flown professionally and safely?  Stranded by bad weather?  Need to get your airplane somewhere for service, or have it brought home after maintenance?  Let me take the worry away.  General rates and constraints are shown here, but each job is negotiated individually.

Instruction:  We offer flight instruction services in your aircraft.  Whether you need a flight review, a WINGS phase, some advanced instruction in systems/avionics, or a checkout or transition training to a new airplane, I can help.  I offer VFR flight instruction in single-engine airplanes, and ground instruction including instrument instruction.  I can also find a suitable CFI or CFII if you need training I cannot provide.  Rates are generally $50 per hour, but are negotiated depending on circumstances.

Pre-Buy / Pre-Sell Pilot Evaluations:  Don't be unpleasantly surprised! Having a mechanic inspect your potential purchase or sale is necessary, but generally ignores the avionics and autopilot, as well as flying qualities.  With the "gadgets" becoming an increasing percentage of the aircraft value, a mechanical inspection alone is no longer sufficient.  So, before you buy or sell an aircraft, allow me to fly and evaluate it for you. During an evaluation flight, all the aircraft systems are checked for proper operation.  The performance and fuel consumption are also checked against book values.  A comprehensive report is then provided to you.  Armed with this information, you'll be able to negotiate more effectively.  Billed hourly at $50.00 per hour, USD, with a four hour minimum, plus expenses.

Avionics Flight Testing:  Many new gadgets, particularly IFR GPS installations, require a flight test for approval.  Your radio shop may perform this test, or leave it for you to do.  Trying to figure out how to operate the new toy, while checking it's performance, AND flying the aircraft can make the flight test a long, unpleasant experience.  We are proficient with nearly all of the GPS, radios, engine analyzers, 'spherics devices, and other gadgets you would put in your airplane.  Let us flight test the new toy while you fly the airplane, and save yourself some aggravation and time. Billed hourly at $50.00 per hour, USD, with a four hour minimum, plus expenses.

Avionics Training & Consulting:  IMC is not the place to try and figure out how to fly a GPS approach, or how to couple your autopilot to the ILS.  But we all know that many of the manuals for these devices leave a lot to be desired. We can help you get the most out of your systems with training on the ground, and practice in the air.  Thinking of upgrading your panel?  A few hours discussion can help you focus your requirements and save you thousands of dollars. Billed hourly at $50.00 per hour, USD, with a four hour minimum, plus expenses.

Flight Simulation:  I am an active participant in the Microsoft Flight Simulation community, particularly in the area of using it as a training tool and simulating IFR procedures correctly and to teach good Aeronautical Decision Making.


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