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These documents are all in PDF format, you must have an Acrobat PDF reader to view or print them.

Flying the Line excerpt on interfacing the PMDG to external controllers - this covers using FSUIPC to assign keystrokes to joystick/controller buttons, so that you can have a joystick button trigger TOGA for instance.

Flying the Line excerpt on flying the PMDG "Southwest Style", without using autothrottles or VNAV.

Belkin Nostromo N52 profile to make the device generate HID button codes

737NG Checklist

FMC Holding Flowchart - confused as to what happens when you press the HOLD key?  This chart explains the logic and page sequence for creating, modifying and exiting holds.

Virtual Airline Goodies

SplashScreens - If you'd like to make FS9 start up with the image below, you can click on the image to download the file file and use it with a program like this SplashScreen Randomizer from AVSim.

VFR Group Flight Textures - These files will add non-flyable versions of aircraft that are popular on our Sunday morning VFR flights.  Simply unzip them into your aircraft folder, and the next time you start FSInn they should be recognized.  If you've already got some of these airplanes, just pick the ones you need!

VCAir ArcherII.zip - Piper Archer II - 4 MB
VCAir Beechcraft King Air C90B.zip - Multiple C90 King Airs in various liveries - (now including my SHAGUAR!  Oh Behave!) - 2 MB
VCAir_Beechcraft_King_Air_350.zip - Multiple King Air 350s in various liveries - 3 MB
VCAir_Stearman_1955.zip - 1955 Model Boeing Stearman 75 450 HP - 4 MB
VCAir_Stearman_1965.zip - 1965 Model Boeing Stearman 75 450 HP  - 5 MB
VCAir C182RG.zip - Cessna Skylane II RG - 12 MB
VCAir C206.zip - Cessna Stationair in several versions - 14 MB
VCAir C208.zip - Cessna Caravan Amphibian in several versions - 7 MB
VCAir C208B.zip - Cessna Grand Caravan in several versions - 5 MB
VCair C210.zip - Cessna Centurion 210M - 3 MB
VCAir Cherokee.zip - Piper Cherokee - 12 MB
VCAir D18S.zip - Beech 18 Amphibian in Passenger and Cargo Now Including Continental Liveries - 36 MB
VCAir Dakota.zip - Piper Dakota - 3 MB
VCAir F33A.zip - Beechcraft Bonanza F33A - 3 MB
VCAir G17.zip - Beechcraft G17 Staggerwing - 220 KB
VCAir SR20.zip - Cirrus SR20 - 2 MB
VCAir SR22.zip - Cirrus SR22 - 20 MB
VCAir Starship.zip - Beechcraft Starship - 451 KB
VCAir V35B.zip - Beechcraft Bonanza V35B - 3 MB
VCAir_Citation_X.zip - The VCAir corporate Citation X. - 8 MB
VCAir_Waco.zip - Waco ATO and CTO in various liveries - 20 MB
VCAir_LICDecathlon8KCAB.zip - Bellanca Super Decathlon in various schemes - 5 MB
VCAIR_D18S_Land.zip - Beech 18 taildragger in various liveries. - 36 MB
VCAIR_Legacy2000.zip - Lancair Legacy in three liveries - 4.5 MB
VCAir_P-51.zip - P51 Mustang in multiple liveries - 50 MB
VCAir_P-38.zip - P38L Lightning in multiple liveries - 4 MB
VCAir_P-47.zip - P-47 Thunderbolt in multiple liveries. - 7 MB
VCAir_B-17.zip - B-17 in multiple liveries - 12 MB
VCAir_P-82B.zip - P-82B Twin Mustang - 1 MB
VCAir_A-36_Apache.zip - A36 Apache (ground attack P-51) - 7 MB
VCAir_Sea_Fury.zip - T-20 Sea Fury - 4 MB
VCAir_P38G.zip - P38G Lightning - 7 MB
VCAir_P38H.zip - P38H Lightning - 10 MB

Guide to FSInn Installation - This PDF file will help you get started installing FSInn.

Continental Beech 18 Textures

One of my favorite freeware aircraft for FS9 is the Beech 18 by Milton Shupe, Scott Thomas and André Folkers.  There are tons of great liveries available for this airplane, as well as a terrific radial engine sound set.   I've greated a set of textures so that I can fly passenger and freight flights in the Carribean and Alaska, where the rugged aircraft is still often seen in service.   I also created a panel upgrade to take advantage of my Reality XP gauges.  While the panel is now worth more than the airplane, it's a comfort to have modern avionics on those cold and dark IFR nights.

The Passenger version, in appropriate Continental colors.

The new panel is available if you have RXP Jetline 2 gauges, just send me an email.

The gauges work in the VC as well.

The freighter is ready to swallow anything that fits.

Heading out from Miami - next stop, the Bahamas!

The source files for FS9 can be found on Avsim, http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=69176.
The VC cargo version can be found on Avsim, http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=70349.
The Amphibian version can be found on Avsim http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=86557.
The Continental Textures are only available here - please do NOT redistribute them.  While these textures were created using the amphibian version, they will work for the taildragger as well.

Once you have the base package working, simply copy the two texture folders into the aircraft directory and modify your aircraft.cfg file with the contents of the included text file.

Eventually I hope to make a painted version of this aircraft - so keep an eye out for a new versions.

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